Friday, August 27, 2010


okay, i'm looking to do some reviews on my blog.  i keep up with a lot of other blogs - beauty, fashion, baby, kid, etc - that do reviews on products and i love them.  they help me decide whether or not i need the product, especially if it's something i'm already coveting.  so i'm asking for your help!  i need products to review - whether you have things for me to try or you know of things that you would LIKE to try, please leave me some comments and feedback.  i need to know what you want reviewed, what interests you, what looks you want to see tried, etc.  i'll make myself a list and see what i can do!!!  don't forget to share my blog on facebook, myspace, xanga, twitter, whatever you use.  spread the word so we can all be gorgeous!!!

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Slaymaiden said...

I want a playground-proof eyeshadow primer.