Monday, August 30, 2010

monday Madness - Rock It Like You Mean It Challenge part deux

so.  eight days and i completed my challenge.  sadly, i do NOT win a million dollars or a vacation.  i DO win the ability to look at my closet in a new way.  i also win the desire to NOT wear black again for a long long time.

before looking at these pictures, you must solemnly swear to look ONLY at my outfit and NOT at my horrible mess of a room.  it's been a non-cleaning because i'm depressed kinda month.  birth control sucks.

sunday - black capris, white shirt, black blazer (yes, it's a tad small, hence the brooch holding it closed) and my fabulous black pumps with black and white bows.  the only other jewelry is tiny rhinestone studs.

monday - THE jeans (the only ones that fit), gray puffy sleeve shirt, and the vest.  oh, and the patent squared peep toe pumps.  i think the jewelry is black metal.

tuesday - kinda fuzzy picture...THE jeans, cream colored tank with brown scoop neck shirt, and camel peep toe heels.  the jewelry is wooden - the bracelet is a catholic piece i bought in mexico with lots of madonnas on it.  and sequins.

wednesday - yes, it LOOKS like the same outfit, but it's not.  sunday's capris, tuesday's cream tank, black cardigan and black flippies (seven weeks after knee surgery, they don't recommend heels for long periods of time, so i gave myself a break in the middle of the week).  the jewelry is all gold today - long triple strand gold beaded necklace, gold cuff (i think i took it off for this) and gold hoops.

thursday - this is a look that is so totally un-Sarah.  THE jeans, black puffy sleeve button down, patent peep toe pumps.  the jewelry is probably silver - silver cuff, silver straight earrings.

friday - THE jeans, fabulous white old navy shirt (that sadly now has sweet tea stains on it), and my black flippies.  my nails for this day are sonia kashuk #1 - ocean breeze and my bracelets match it.  the earrings are probably my silver straights.

saturday - okay, i was proud of myself for this one.  different cream tank with a beaded bib necklace, the vest, and my distressed capris and black flippies.  the jewelry is antiqued silver.

and back around to sunday - and this picture makes me look huge, wow.  anyway, it's tripp's favorite white pants, this fabulous black slinky, flowy shirt i bought for new years two years ago (and have worn once since then), the same pumps from last sunday (yes, i'm a shoe re-wearer) and shiny hammered silver jewelry - including a new necklace that has the serenity prayer inscribed on it (i will be selling these for $15 a piece in a few weeks...)

and have i learned anything from this experiment?  at first i thought it would be super easy, given the amount of neutral colors i own.  but when loren specified that it be a combo i hadn't done before, that made it more difficult.  i felt i had to put more effort into it than jeans and a black t-shirt.  i learned that keeping it neutral isn't as easy and you would think if you've got stipulations and guidelines to go by - no former outfits, no color, look nice.  sounds easy.  maybe for most people it is.  but i've gotten into a fashion rut and this is helping me get out of it.  

sadly, it put me in an eye make up rut - same selena gomez look over and over and over again, just in different intensities.  

so this week, my goal is - only one article of "color" this week.  i can wear it with black, gray, white, or denim, but NO other colors.  just the one.  and my eye make up - same look but IN COLOR to match or at least coordinate with my chosen color.  today didn't count.  :(  should have.  i wore the distressed capris, a blue tank, and the black cardigan.  but since i didn't start my challenge until tomorrow (how's that for grammar?), today doesn't count.  i'll go from tuesday to monday.  and i'll be sure to take pictures of the eye make up, too.  

how did you do on YOUR challenge?  anybody????  tell me you went out and were gorgeous and you're gonna do it again this week!!!!

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