Friday, September 3, 2010

Fabulous Friday! Game Day!

so, it's september 3, 2010...and anybody in alabama knows that means tomorrow is THE DAY!!!  first serious gameday of the season.  the first that truly counts in alabama, anyway.  yes, for those who have not been inducted to the SEC fan-atics crowd, alabama (ahem, number one ranked, 2009 SEC and BCS National champions) and auburn are both playing their first football games of the season tomorrow.  in the south, 98% of the people live and breathe by college football.  it's a way of life.  and when september rolls around, perfectly normal people become raging maniacs for three months.  after that, if you have anything worth gloating about, you stay a raging maniac for another nine months, otherwise you quietly wear your colors (not that i'm pointing out any one or two teams in particular) and whisper your war eagles or go vols until it's cheering time again.  in alabama, we've got four seasons - spring training, recruiting, football, and championship.  it's actually that way in most of the southern states, but golly - in alabama, football reigns eternal.  and if you don't live here or you're not from here, or you're one of the 2% who just don't just can not comprehend it.

here's an example.  friday before gameday is an unwritten "wear your team colors" day.  actually, today it was written - or at least announced on the radio.  anyway, i had my cute little alabama shirt and denim skirt and the houndstooth ballet flats that have very nearly bitten the dust (is that the correct past tense of that phrase?) with my houndstooth bangle and hoop earrings.  both my kids were wearing alabama colors and little mc had a houndstooth hairbow.  but my MAKEUP...

the nails are OPI "I'm not really a waitress" red.  it's close to alabama crimson.  the i wish i was talented enough to paint houndstooth on them.  (for aliens and other non-alabama residents, UA has claimed houndstooth as part of our college colors.  The Bear - that's Coach Paul Bryant to you - wore a houndstooth hat forEVER and it's recently become a big thing, so we're all over that)  i guess it'd look a little bizarre, but hard candy has eye tattoos that come in animal print, for heaven's sake, so is houndstooth really that off?  anyway, they're a neutral smoke today.  nothing big.

and this is where i'm disappointed in myself.  sure, you can tell i'm a roll tide gal by the clothes and jewelry.  but what if i wasn't wearing the UA gear?  i was thinking about this today and came across something that just thoroughly excited me until i realized they were OUT of the alabama ones (as i tell my friends, the smart people all shop early, so the UA stuff is usually first to go).  however, check this out: not only do they have nail decals for your schools, but they sell them with two packs of nail polish!

yep.  college team nail decals.  but none for the national champions.  what am i supposed to do for games???  i'd love to hear your opinions on this!  i've got the face tattoos and stuff, but i'd love to know what YOU do for gameday.  what unique cosmetic accessory (for lack of a better term) do you don for your team games?

couldn't figure out how i was gonna tie gameday into cosmetics, could you?  :)  y'all, i'm a southern sweetheart - football trash talk is my native language.  like i said, live and breathe it.  

leave your suggestions, your trash talk, your comments on how you just don't get this, because you're from north of the line...and go be gorgeous...and ROLL TIDE!!!