Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday Madness - Rock It Like You Mean It Challenge

so.  today is monday.  and yes, it's been manic.  let's pass all that.

my friend loren over at My Dead Best Friend's Closet put up a challenge last week.  MDBFC is a fashion blog that loren totally rocks.  and her RILYMI challenge (i'm all about the initials tonight) for last week was no neutrals.  this week, she put to me - neutrals in a new way.  and i took it just a bit further.  i'm going nothin but neutrals all week.  black, brown, gray, white, denim.  two days into the week and i've managed it so far.  her only stipulation was that it bee a combination i've never worn before.  i'm trying to figure out what the mess i'll be wearing the rest of the week, but like i said, so far, so good.  i'll post pictures at the end of the week so you can see if i rocked it or not.

so i'm spreading her challenge.  can YOU do nothin but neutrals?  what are your favorite combinations?  and are you rockable enough to pair the black and brown and make it work?  (that is such a complicated combination...only certain people can do it and do it well.)  post a RILYMI blog and link it to mine and/or loren's.  post a picture on fb and link it.  post a picture anywhere and link it!  share your ideas here and let us know you're taking the challenge!  who knows?  maybe we'll put together another challenge if this works and do a giveaway prize.  (i'll talk to her about that...)

ready, ladies?  on your marks, get set...

GO be gorgeous - in nothing but neutrals!!!!

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