Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesday's Child - color-eyez

you know, when you look through fashion mags and read stuff online, the majority of the time, you see models with color on their eyes - bright greens, blues, purples, pinks, even oranges and yellows.  but when was the last time you saw a "how to" using those colors?  or the last time you visited a cosmetic counter and had an everyday face put on using metallic purple eyeshadow?  chances are, it wasn't recent.  well, after doing a little thinking and deciding that my life needs a serious color boost, i pulled out my eye palettes.  i have at least 35 eyeshadows, mostly MAC, some Arbonne, and my recent acquirements are Urban Decay.  so i decided to put them to some use tonight to take my mind off things.  so today's Tuesday's Child is eye color.  and by color, i do NOT mean neutrals.

my first eye is in greens:

using MAC bitter as a base color, i used a FaceSecrets eye contour brush (equivalent of a MAC 221 large fluff brush)  to sweep the color on from the crease to the brow.  then, using a MAC 239 eye shader brush, i patted the Urban Decay acid rain from just above the crease to the lash line. and yes, i said just above the crease.  we call it a "cushion" to bring the colors together.

now, when i say i "swept" the color on, i mean literal sweeping motions with the brush.  when i say i "patted" on color, i literally mean pat the color on.  it gives bolder pigment.

okay, so step one:

i realize that they look like the exact same color.  they almost are.  diff is that bitter has a velvet pearl sheen to it and acid rain is a little shinier.  and a slight bit less yellow.

following that, i used a MAC 217 Blending Brush to sweep Urban Decay graffiti into the crease and on the outer corner.

step two:

and with the eye open:

okay.  so we've got our shadow on.  looks a little scary right now, but it's okay.  it'll be gorgeous, promise.  we need liner.  i grabbed my  MAC PowerPoint liner in Tealo and lined just the outside corner about 1/3 of the way in on bottom and top.

next, i went back with a MAC 263 Small Angle Brush and used MAC humid as a shadow liner.  dot the brush in the shadow, then use small, firm pats with the angled edge of the brush up in the lash line.

then, of course, comes mascara.  y'all.  don't EVER skimp on mascara.  it closes in the color and keeps it from looking like it's all over your face.  it's NOT hard to apply and any eye make up remover will take it off, as will baby oil.  my personal fave is BeneFit BADgal lash mascara in black.  and finally, finally, your brows.  you can tell by looking at mine that i have plenty of brow there.  and i actually have a text book shape brow, thanks to years of happy plucking and trimming and shaping (and a minor case of trichotillomania).  however.  just because i have brows doesn't mean i pluck the uni and let it go.  i use just a bit of shadow (MAC embark for my dark brows) with a slightly fluffy angled brush - i bought mine at Sally Beauty a hundred years ago and it has a mascara-wand type brush on the opposite end.  i assume it's a brow brush, but that's what i use it for.  anyway.  i brush some shadow very lightly into my brows and comb through with the mascara type wand.  boom.  gorgeous brows.  and don't ever think that just because you have brooke shields' eyebrows that you can go without touch ups.  it's the frame.  the finish.  the closer.  trust me.

and see?  green isn't scary at all!!!

sooo...what about blue?  what?  1969 called?  no, no.  not THAT blue.  and not the remix from 1987, either.  check it out:

same exact technique as the green.  i'll label the pix with the color names again, but lay off the how-to talk.  i think i used the colors i listed.  i'm not so sure about the shimmermoss.  if anybody thinks they know for sure, please let me know!  it may be a discontinued color and i've lost my palette list.

definitely not 1969 or 1987 scary, is it?  

the fabulous part is that color can be so much fun!!!  these are simple ideas.  keeping a color family together.  wait til i get my color wheel out.  pinks and yellows.  oranges and purples.  blues and coppers. greens and golds.  the possibilities are endless.  

so.  now to you -

what's your favorite eye shadow?  brand, color?  what's your favorite color combination for eyes?  have a tip or a trend you want me to try?  comment and let me know!!!  and as always - 

go try it and go be gorgeous!!!


Anonymous said...

You can NEVER have too much blue eye shadow! Can you name this quote? :)

Anonymous said...

my girl!!!!

Slaymaiden said...

Now that I have internet again, I'd like to say thanks for the "above-the-crease" tip. I never considered doing that before. I was inspired to try this with electric purple and some awesome burgundies. Thanks for the advice.

melissa said...

very cool, the pictures are great!