Sunday, May 23, 2010


welcome to -:- the color of gorgeous -:-!  i'm dedicating this blog to all things cosmetic - make up, nail polish, hair color, and jewelry.  in the last few weeks, i've rekindled my love for cosmetics and color and decided creating a blog about it would be just perfect!  you can expect at least weekly posts, hopefully more frequent, on *this* my amazing blog schedule:

Spontaneous Sundays - spontaneous because: a) if i blog on a sunday, it will be spontaneous, not expected; and b) i have no agenda for these posts!  because sunday is generally the only day of the week i actually wear full makeup, it'll probably be the day for new makeup pictures and experiments.

Monday Madness - a hodgepodge of things - could be favorites, could be newbies, could be lots of stuff.  you'll just have to check and see!

Tuesday's Child - product of the week!

Winning Wednesdays - you read that right.  giveaways on wednesdays!  not EVERY week, probably not even every two weeks.  but if i do a giveaway, it'll be on a wednesday.

Thrifty Thursdays - check out great deals online, in stores, wherever!

Fabulous Fridays - my new favorite product/color for the day/week/hour/minute.

Saturday Steps - when and if i have saturdays free for it, i'll choose new looks and do a step by step photo blog of how to achieve them!  if you're lucky, i might even do a video blog of it.  :)

i also want your feedback!  tell me about new products and colors you've found and love!  or hate!  we need to know the good and the bad.  :)  tell me if my reviews and pictures and step by steps are helpful to you.  post your own and link them!  the one thing to keep in mind about -:-the color of gorgeous-:- is that  all i'm here to do is provide you with tools and skills to help you feel gorgeous.  one of my favorite quotes is one that was used as a tagline for Clinique several years ago - "beauty isn't about looking young, but about looking good."  every woman is beautiful.  and when you find it in yourself, then it shows through.  be beautiful!!

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Slaymaiden said...

I've recently become obsessed with the idea of "styling" my clothes rather than just wearing them. Which led to a realization that I consider nail polish an accessory rather than a cosmetic. I'm excited to have another place to geek out about getting pretty.